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Course Overview: Mastering Java 11, 17, and 21

Target Audience and Skill Level

Our comprehensive course on the latest features of Java 11, 17, and 21 is designed for intermediate to advanced Java developers who are eager to stay current with the latest advancements in the language. This course is perfect for professionals who have a solid understanding of Java basics and want to enhance their skills with new language features, advanced tools, and performance improvements introduced in these versions. Whether you are a software developer, technical lead, or architect, this course will equip you with the knowledge needed to leverage the latest Java enhancements effectively.

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Why Choose Our Course?

Our course stands out by offering a deep dive into the significant updates and features of Java 11, 17, and 21. You will learn about crucial topics such as the new HttpClient API, local variable syntax for lambda parameters, sealed classes, pattern matching, virtual threads, and more. These features are essential for modern Java development and can significantly improve your productivity and code quality. The course also covers practical aspects like migration strategies and compatibility considerations, ensuring you can smoothly transition your projects to the latest Java versions. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in utilizing the new capabilities of Java to build robust, efficient, and scalable applications.

Flexible Learning Options

We understand the diverse needs of our students, which is why we offer flexible learning options to fit your schedule and learning style. You can choose from self-paced learning, which allows you to study at your own speed; mentor-led training, where you receive personalized guidance from experienced professionals; or instructor-led remote training, which provides interactive and engaging live sessions. Our goal is to make high-quality education accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of their professional commitments.

Hands-On Experience and Affordability

Our training emphasizes practical learning through hands-on labs and real-world exercises, ensuring you can apply what you've learned directly to your projects. You will work on practical exercises for each Java version and develop a comprehensive project that utilizes features from Java 11, 17, and 21. Our mentors are available to assist you throughout your learning journey, providing expert advice and support. Additionally, our courses are affordably priced, making top-tier Java training accessible to a wide audience. Enroll now to stay ahead in your career and master the latest features of Java with confidence.

Course Outline

Introduction to Java 11

  • Overview of Java 11
  • Importance and impact of Java 11
  • JDK 11 setup and installation
  • New Language Features
  • Local Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters (var)
  • New String Methods
  • isBlank(), lines(), strip(), stripLeading(), stripTrailing(), repeat()
  • Files Methods
  • readString(), writeString()
  • Optional Class Enhancements
  • isEmpty()
  • HttpClient API (Standardized from Java 9's incubator)
  • Deprecations and Removals
  • Removed APIs and tools
  • Overview of deprecated features

Advanced Features in Java 11

  • Nest-Based Access Control
  • Nested classes and improved access controls
  • New Epsilon Garbage Collector
  • Usage and benefits
  • Configuration and performance implications
  • Flight Recorder and Mission Control
  • Overview and use cases
  • Dynamic Class-File Constants
  • Introduction to ConstantDynamic

Introduction to Java 17

  • Overview of Java 17
  • Importance and impact of Java 17
  • JDK 17 setup and installation
  • New Language Features
  • Sealed Classes
  • Pattern Matching for instanceof
  • Records
  • Text Blocks
  • Enhancements to Switch Expressions
  • Simplified syntax and usage
  • JEP 356: Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generators
  • New interfaces and implementations for random number generation

Advanced Features in Java 17

  • Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals by Default
  • Modules and encapsulation
  • Deprecation of the Applet API for Removal
  • Overview and impact
  • New macOS Rendering Pipeline
  • Metal framework integration

Introduction to Java 21

  • Overview of Java 21
  • Importance and impact of Java 21
  • JDK 21 setup and installation
  • New Language Features
  • Unnamed Patterns and Variables
  • Record Patterns
  • Pattern Matching for Switch
  • Scoped Values (Incubator)
  • Enhanced localization and scoping
  • String Templates (Preview)
  • Simplified and enhanced string handling

Advanced Features in Java 21

  • Virtual Threads (Preview)
  • Overview and usage
  • Benefits for concurrency
  • Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
  • Simplified and safer concurrency models
  • New Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
  • Interoperability with native code
  • Vector API (Third Incubator)
  • Performance improvements with vector computations

Migration and Compatibility

  • Migration Strategies
  • Best practices for migrating from earlier Java versions
  • Common pitfalls and solutions
  • Compatibility Considerations
  • Ensuring backward compatibility
  • Testing and validation

Practical Applications and Hands-on Labs

  • Hands-on Labs
  • Practical exercises for each Java version
  • Real-world application development scenarios
  • Project Development
  • Building a project utilizing features from Java 11, 17, and 21
  • Code reviews and best practices

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