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Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900

The Java EE 7 Application developer training course prepares students to write the Oracle certification 1Z0-900. This course will teach attendees about the key Java EE API used to build web applications and middle-tier components for business-critical applications.

Students who attend this course should have attended the Java SE 11 Developer course or feel comfortable with that course's material. It is aimed at candidates who are already familiar with the basics of Java and wish to master the enterprise APIS available in Java EE.

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Java EE Application Developer Course Objectives

Understand Java EE Architecture

  • Describe Java EE 7 standards, containers, APIs, and services
  • Differentiate between application component functionalities as they apply to different tiers and containers, including Java EE Web Container, Business Logic implementation, and WebServices
  • Create, package and deploy Java EE applications
  • Demonstrate understanding of Enterprise JavaBeans and CDI beans, their lifecycle, and memory scopes
  • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between bean components, annotations, injections, and JNDI

Manage Persistence using JPA Entities and BeanValidation

  • Create JPA Entity and Relationship Object-Relational Mappings (ORM)
  • Use Entity Manager to perform database operations, transactions, and locking with JPA entities
  • Handle entity data with conversions, validations, and key generation
  • Create and execute JPQL statements

Implement Business Logic by Using EJBs

  • Create session EJB components containing synchronous and asynchronous business methods, manage the life cycle container callbacks and use interceptors
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to control EJB transactions, distinguish Container Managed (CMT) and Bean Managed (BMT) transactions
  • Create EJB timers

Use Java Message Service API

  • Describe the Java Message Service (JMS) messaging models and implement Java SE and Java EE message producers and consumers, including Message-Driven beans
  • Use transactions with JMS API

Implement SOAP Services by Using JAX-WS and JAXB APIs

  • Create SOAP Web Services and Clients using JAX-WS API
  • Define Java to XML Schema mappings to marshall and unmarshall Java Objects by using JAXB API

Create Java Web Applications using Servlets

  • Create Java Servlets, describe how they are mapped to urls and use HTTP methods
  • Handle HTTP headers, parameters, cookies
  • Manage servlet life cycle with container callback methods and WebFilters​​​​

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